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"The recording with Olivier Legoas, presents music of a highly personal nature.
Using early music for improvisation was something i would have not have thought of.
It's too bad i did'nt think of it, as it's a great idea!
Playing in this intimate quartet with Olivier, Drew Gress, and Ralph Alessi, was Big Fun.
I've always wanted to play in a quartet with trumpet,bass, and drums, so this was a great opportunity for me.The music reminds me in some ways of the Art Farmer Quartet with Jim Hall, which as a young musician in the 1960's, was my favorite band, and had a big influnence on my own way of playing.
I hope that everyone has as much pleasure listening to this recording as i had in doing it!"


John Abercrombie, 09/12/2006 New York, USA. 

The Gravitations Session Part.2

 01 Sophia

 02 Courente

 03 Branle de Bourgogne

 04 Free#1

 05 Padouana

 06 Vision

The Gravitations Session Part.2 available as MP3  

Sophia - Olivier Le GOAS / Erasmus WIDMAN
00:00 / 00:00
Free#1 - Olivier Le GOAS - John ABERCROMBIE - Ralph ALESSI - Drew GRESS
00:00 / 00:00



Olivier Le Goas, drums

John Abercrombie, guitar

Ralph Alessi, trumpet

Drew Gress, double bass


Produced by Olivier Le Goas 

Recorded in june 2005 by Ed Rak at Clinton Recording Studio - NYC / USA

Mixed, Mastered by Michael Marcianno at System Two Recording Studio Brooklyn - NYC / USA

Photo : Juan Hitters

Design by Jérome Witz

All composition by Olivier Le Goas except "Branle de Bourgogne" (traditionnal) and Free#1 by Olivier Le GOAS, John Abercrombie, Ralph Alessi, and Drew Gress.