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Born in Oise France Jazz drummer, and composer Olivier Le Goas has performed with numerous great musician such as: Jean-François Jenny-Clark, Marc Ducret, Bojan Z, Dominique Di Piazza, Laurent Cugny « Light » Big Band, Linley Marthe, David Chevallier, Ben Monder, Jason Linder, Tim Lefevre, Avishai Cohen (trp), Jacques Schwartz-Bart, Jim Black, Andrew d’Angelo…

Olivier Le Goas start studied drums at 13th. After obtaining a 1st Prize of parisian D.Agostini Drum’s School in 1987, following the teaching of Nadia and Gilles Touché, Olivier Le Goas started playing in Local jazz groups. In 1988 he won with « the TRIO »  (Eric Lohrer and Laurent Camuzat),  the 2nd price Jazz Orchestra National Competition of « la Defense ». With this group he turns intensely for six years giving more than 200 concerts in France and Europe, and record two C.D "Eric Lohrer Trio"  (Blue Line/Omd 1989), and "Dans le Bleu" (1992)

In 1990 he integre the Jean-Michel Pilc quintet with wich he play in parisian jazz clubs, and give concert in France, and parallely play with Mahori quartet (feat. David Chevallier)

In 1995, he apply at the International jazz worskhop of the Banff Centre (CANADA). At this occasion, he met and play with Dave Cultler, Don Tompson, Hugh Fraser, and Kenny Wheeler with whom he recorded 14 years later his third album as a leader « SUR LES CORPS DES KLAXONS» realise in May 2010 on Rewind Records (RR1001)


From 1990 to 1997 Olivier Le Goas was teaching at National Music School of Marne-la Vallé / Paris.There, he gave drums’s lessons.


In 2003, Olivier Le Goas has been granted a « Lavoisier » fellowship by French Foreign office / Egide. He leave to New York for one year to studie at New School University’s Jazz and contemporary Music program with Jeff Ballard, Erik Mc Pherson, Charles Tolliver, Charlies Persi, ad play parallely in clubs notabilyt with his own quartet featuring Ben Monder.


Two yeas later he come back to NYC to records his first album as a leader « Gravitations » (Altrisuoni Record). The session happened at the famous Clinton Recording Studio sub the direction of Ed Rak, bringing together at Clinton John Abercrombie Drew Gress, and Ralph Alessi. The album received a very warm welcome of the international press, notably American (All About Jazz …). Promotionnal tour happen in France, Germany and Switzerland.

In 2009 his second album Trilog & Seven Ways (Altrisuoni Record), was record in Paris. With Manu Codjia and Vincent Mascart, he propose a new repertory including original compositions and second reading of piece from Ravel, Widmann, Bill Evans, and Purcell.The trio will give promotional concerts, including Festival Radio France Montpellier, Duc des Lombards…


In 2011 Olivier Le Goas bring his new band Abstract in Little Britanny, for a one week creative residence. The new original repertory for jazz septet was creates at « La Passerelle » National Theatre of Saint Brieuc. Two years later, in 2013 his fourth album « Abstract » was realised on Rewind Record. It has received a unanime acclaim from the press. Followed a promotional concert in Studio de l'Ermitage (Paris), Pannonica (Nantes)…

Neuklang realising Reciprocity, Olivier Le Goas' fifth album on the 2th of september 2016.

Composing new repertory, Olivier brought Nir Felder, Kevin Hays, and Phil Donkin to thelegendary Bauer Studios - Ludwigsburg during october 2015. Features 8 new original strongs compositions, presenting polyrhythmic structures metric base forms developed, full of contrasts, Reciprocity propose a melodic and lyrical repertoire.

Olivier Le GOAS & RECIPROCITY On Ramp Of Heaven Dreams is the Olivier Le Goas'latest album. It was released on the Challenge Records Int label. in January 2020.

Le Goas also released a drums’s book, « Passages » published for Alfonce production in 2000.



Sur les Corps des Klaxons
Trilog - Seven Ways