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Pour participer à la campagne de financement du nouveau projet d'Olivier  Le GOAS

To participate in the financing campaign for the new project of Olivier Le GOAS

On Ramp of heaven dreams


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"Olivier Legoas has once again put together a group of musicians who are sympathetic to his musical vision. Together they pull out the magic that is inherent in the compositions. Individually they shine, but collectively they go beyond the established confines of their instruments to make a sound that is highly personal and satisfying. Olivier's democratic leadership allows for this to happen and establishes an environment where each musician's contribution is on equal footing. A perfect storm for modern creative music."

- Larry Grenadier

Olivier Le Goas quartet performs original songs "Main Street" from Reciprocity, on Neuklang Records.

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Copyright 2016 Olivier Le Goas. All rights reserved. 
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