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"Around Olivier Le Goas, the drummer-leader, (with a fine and airy style, rich in nuances, an unbreakable sense of rhythm and a refined feel for colours and dynamics; he is a drummer who is both free and controlled who cultivates a taste for risk and diversity, but who most of all is a fantastic organiser of sounds), Ralph Alessi (a trumpet with a magical lyricism), John Abercrombie (a guitar with a style which is both laid back and dynamic, providing a variety of colours) and Drew Gress (a precise and loving double bass). By the importance accorded within this group to optimum listening, the desire of being together, the primacy of playing, Olivier Le Goas traces the contours of an intimate space. This sophisticated and powerfully lyrical quartet which demands to be heard is always ready to sweep away musical confines to give free reign to individual inspiration, combines with a great sense of musical alchemy an elaborate art form and a firm capacity for improvisation. Olivier Le Goas and his three companions have generated real complicity with each other, which can be seen in their momentum, deviations and suspense. A deep sense of cantabile, that ample and sovereign song, encased in silence, this music is often filled with the exquisite beauty of a moving drawing."

Franck Médioni 


 01 Gagliarda

 02 Radio-Chaise

 03 Dichterliebe

 04 Divin Enfant

 05 Padouana

 06 Interspace

 07 Fragment

 08 Cadre Gravitationnel

 09 Gigue

10 Different Ciels

Fragment - Olivier Le Goas
00:00 / 00:00
"Gravitations" available as CD and MP3  



Olivier Le Goas, drums

John Abercrombie, guitar

Ralph Alessi, trumpet

Drew Gress, double bass


Produced by Olivier Le Goas 

Recorded in june 2005 by Ed Rak at Clinton Recording Studio - NYC / USA

Mixed, Mastered by Michael Marcianno at System Two Recording Studio Brooklyn - NYC / USA

Design by Teo Buvoli - Booklet photo by Mephisto

All composition by Olivier Le Goas