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Neuklang realising Reciprocity, Olivier Le Goas's new album on the 2th of september 2016.

Composing new repertory, Olivier brought Nir Felder, Kevin Hays, and Phil Donkin to thelegendary Bauer Studios - Ludwigsburg during october 2015. Features 8 new original strongs compositions, presenting polyrhythmic structures metric base forms developed, full of contrasts, Reciprocity propose a melodic and lyrical repertoire.


 01 Corners

 02 Main Street

 03 Since I know

 04 Curves and Colors

 05 Days Home

 06 Call

 07 Cécile 08 Evision

"Reciprocity" available as CD and MP3  
Main Street - Olivier Le Goas
00:00 / 00:00
Call - Olivier Le GOAS
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Cécile - Olivier Le GOAS
00:00 / 00:00



Olivier Le Goas, drums

Nir Felder, guitar

Kevin Hays, piano
Phil Donkin, bass



Produced by Olivier Le Goas, and Eva Bauer-Oppelland.
Recorded on october 12th - 13th 2015, Mixed and Mastered by Philipp Heck at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg.


Design by Element-s

Photography by Juan Hitters

Olivier talks about his recording Reciprocity and what he left to develop and composed the entire repertoire

Reciprocity sessions photos

Photos by Moritz Terebesi