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february, 05 2017
Olivier Le Goas: Reciprocity
Published: January 24, 2017

It’s hard not to be impressed by French drummer-composer Olivier Le Goas. His penchant for cascading harmonic movement on his eight original compositions here is matched by a crackling approach to the kit that can only be described as “creative overplaying.” Le Goas combines both aspects on his fith recording as a leader, which features the exceptional playing of esteemed colleagues Kevin Hays on piano and guitarist Nir Felder, who forge a kind of Lyle Mays-Pat Metheny kindred hookup on the front line throughout Reciprocity. Together with bassist Phil Donkin they create an appealing sound that has one foot in chamber-like formalism while also exploring heightened realms of improvisation. And Le Goas underscores the proceedings with his hyperactive polyrhythms and admirable command of odd meters.

  The tricky, time-shifting “Corners” kicks this collection off in spirited fashion. Felder and Hays double the melodic line in classic Mays- Metheny mode while Le Goas busily traverses the kit with polyrhythmic aplomb. Fielder’s owing solo here is right in the Metheny zone.The drummer resorts to some gentle rubato brushwork on the delicate ECM-ish intro to “Since I Know,” which develops into another intuitive flurry on the kit alongside of Hays’ Keith Jarrett-like stretching and Felder’s legato fusillades on their respective solos. Hays and Felder also soar freely on the 10/8 romp “Curves And Colors” while Donkin gets an extended solo taste on the lyrical ballad “Day Home.” And the vibrant “Call,” another showcase for Felder’s fluid chops, recalls Travels/Letter From Home-era Metheny. Great writing, superb execution and inspired soloing make this one highly recommend.

Reciprocity: Corners; Main Street; Since I Know; Curves And Colors; Day Home; Call; Cécile; Evision. (58:00)


Personnel: Olivier Le Goas, drums, compositions; Nir Felder, guitars; Kevin Hays, piano; Phil Donkin, bass.


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january 5, 2017

Olivier Le Goas's album "Reciprocity" continues to receive craze notice. Following are three of the latest reviews and interviews from Jazzthing, and thejazzbreakfast:

Olivier Le Goas: Reciprocity

Published: Sep 08, 2016.

"...He composed the eight original pieces exclusively on the piano, in order to counter the danger of preferring the rhythmic to the harmonic / melodic. The result is, as it were, a suite with which he expresses various moods and atmospheres, which is held together by the closely interwoven, anticipatory interplay of the musicians of his quartet..."

Olivier Le Goas: Reciprocity

Published: August  27, 2016.

"The pieces are characterized by folk melodies combined with an irresistible groove, which depend on the intense interaction between the musicians". 

Olivier Le Goas: Reciprocity

Published: October 1, 2016.

Olivier Le Goas – Reciprocity (Neu Klang): Fascinating, singular compositions from the French drummer who has previously recorded with Kenny Wheeler, John Abercrombie and Ralph Alessi, and this time has Nir Felder on guitar, Kevin Hays on piano and Phil Donkin on bass. Le Goas’s music is often based on short motifs repeated and rotated with intriguing interlocking counter melodies often locking Felder and Hays into cycles that both intrigue and delight. It could all sound a little technical, but the motifs are hooky and the playing is excellent, with all players given generous scope to shine individually as well as as a unit.

Reciprocity already receiving acclaim

september 3, 2016

Olivier Le Goas album "Reciprocity" start to receive review around the world. Following are some of the latest reviews from: All About Jazz, Jazzflits, Jazzism, Jazzthetik, Hifi-Stars, and Kultur-Port.

Olivier Le Goas: Reciprocity
"It sounds as if the music flowed consensus placed with understanding. This only occurs when what the group leader delivers, there are enough attractive material for the musicians . It is clear that this is the case ."
- Jazzthetik ****
Olivier Le Goas: Reciprocity

"'With his Great lyrical talent, Olivier Le Goas compose wonderfully multifaceted pieces."

- Hifi-Stars

Olivier Le Goas: Reciprocity
"It is ont one of these jazz albums, which one must love simply, because they were put at the point with so much of precision"
kultur-port *****

Olivier Le Goas: Reciprocity

Published: August 15, 2016 

Matt Cibula, writing for All About Jazz, wondered in his review of French drummer Olivier Le Goas' Gravitation (Altrisuoni, 2007): "Who the heck is Olivier Le Goas...?" indicating perhaps a paucity of information about the leader, even in this day of Internet info overload. Nine years later there still isn't much on-line scoop about the man. So we go with the music. 

Gravitation, an all-star quartet affair featuring guitarist John Abercrombie, trumpeter Ralph Alessi and bassist Drew Gress, had an ECM Records vibe (no surprise, given the players) with a flowing, less that Earth gravity atmosphere and a smooth momentum. 

Reciprocity the recording at hand, is also a quartet effort, featuring the marvelous high profile pianist Kevin Hays, joined bassist Phil Donkin and guitarist Nir Felder, along with the leader behind the drum kit. The piano/guitar front line weaves a tight rhythm.There are clean unison lines and an inspired trading of solos.

Guitarist Felder crafts a resonant, full-bodied sound; pianist Hays has a looser approach, and the collective effect is a modern jazz/precision chamber/ groove-centric music, reminiscent of—with its own distinctive personality—the Pat Metheny Unity Group, minus the electronics and synths and the orchestrion. 

In spite of the chamber approach, Le Goas has a distinctive, full-of-surprises, off-kilter drumming style, one that enhances and punctuates with exclamation points the lubricious flow of this unfailingly engaging music. 

Track Listing: Corners; Main Street; Since I Know; Curves And Colors; Day Home; Call; Cecile; Evision.

Personnel: Olivier Le Goas: drums; Nir Felder: guitar; Kevin Hays: piano; Phil Donkin: bass.

Year Released: 2016 | Record Label: Neuklang Records

Olivier Le Goas: Reciprocity

by Hessel Fluitman

Group leader on the album 'Reciprocity' is the French drummer Olivier Le Goas. He played in New York and in France, England and the US made some name. For this CD he invited three American musicians: pianist Kevin Hays, bassist Phil Donkin and guitar prodigy Nir Felder. Hays has worked with a host of big names in jazz. Donkin is currently playing in Germany among others trombonist Nils Wogram. And New Yorker Felder has now built up the necessary reputation. His guitar is almost as clean tuned as those of Pat Metheny in his jazz trios. All four are dyed in the wool. And you can hear that. The title of the CD interaction in Dutch, is typical of the music. The four function at a high level. All pieces are hand drummer Le Goas. He made rounded integers of. Wholes that give me pleasure. This quartet gives his music a voltage arc along. Thereby swings it. They have managed to forge the pieces into a single entity. In addition, their music is accessible, without that it is flat. This is due to the compositions, to the interaction, and to the fact that a piano is in the acoustic spectrum here. A melodious and exciting whole.

Olivier Le Goas: Reciprocity
Jazz Not Jazz, de lijstjes #3 2016

Bartho van Straaten (Paradox)
1. Zhenya Strigalev - Never Group (Whirlwind)
2. Nik Bartsch’s Mobile - Continuum (ECM)
3. Food - This Is Not A Miracle (ECM)
4. Thomas Strønen - Time Is A Blind Guide (ECM)
5. Tonbruket - Forevergreens (ACT)
6. Stuff. - Stuff. (Buteo Buteo)
7. Bly de Blyant - The Third Bly De Blyant Album (Hubro)
8. Christoph Stiefel Septet - Rhythm-A-Tized (Challenge)
9. Marutyri - Inner Movements (Challenge)
10. Olivier Le Goas - Reciprocity (NeuKlang)


August 26, 2016
NEUKLANG Records releases the Olivier Le Goas quartet's Reciprocity, on september 2, 2016.

NeuKlang Records realising Olivier Le Goas's Reciprocity on the 2th of september 2016, first release in over 3 years. The new album featuring an international line-up include renownend musicians Nir Felder (guitar) Kevin Hays (piano), and Phil Donkin (bass), comprise eight original songs with the focus on folks melody, and reciprocity theme-caractere / caractere-theme in a multiplicity of approaches, implied by the album title.

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